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this is a site where i review my naps. haven't done a site or any coding in nearly 20 years, and things have definitely changed, so i'm shaking off the rust and learning all over again.

i have to add a contact section to the site. i also want to make it responsive to different screen resolutions because apparently that is a thing now. it's worth noting that this site was not developed with mobile screens in if you're viewing it in mobile, good luck
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  nap review date: january 31, 2024
i was cold, tired, and dizzy when i fell asleep around 6:00pm and woke up around 7:15pm. looking through paperwork all day after only getting less that 2 hours of sleep last night can make any person light-headed and nauseous, and i am no exception. i shouldn't complain though, it wasn't a bad day compared to what others generally go through. i've noticed over the years that shit hits the fan whenever i get optimistic about anything, so sometimes it's best to just complain and go through life accepting that it is stupid and dumb. hope for the best, prepare for the worst.

woke up with what i assume is indigestion and heartburn...or maybe i'm dying, who knows? but i'm up, typing up this update, thinking of what i'll be doing tonight while i'm unable to get anything resembling normal sleep due to be a nap enthusiast.
  final nap review score:   7.0 / 10
  nap review date: january 29, 2024
i tried not to nap today because i have a long and busy day tomorrow, but i failed and fell asleep around 5:30pm and woke up after about an hour. hopefully i can sleep long enough tonight to survive tomorrow but i have my doubts. i'll probably be walking around like a zombie tomorrow but at least i have something to write about. i hope you all appreciate the sacrifices i make to provide you with content.

i had a dream that a group of people drove a tractor trailor through the glass wall at work. my supervisor is a hoarder so the people found plenty of stuff to steal, but i'm sure none of it had any real value. i remember my main concern was eventually having to clean up all the glass that was shattered. when i woke up i felt well rested but also a little ashamed of myself for having succombed to weakness and napped, rather than doing the responsibile thing and staying awake.
  final nap review score:   7.5 / 10
  nap review date: january 27, 2024
after about an hour of catching up on youtube stuff i wanted to watch, i decided to take a nap around 2:15 and woke up around 4. i've barely had any food today and i'm still not hungry. this is probably the result of a health issue popping up that i should probably get looked at. according to webmd, if it doesn't go away after about a week or so then i should see a doctor. naturally, i'll probably wait a month or two before i even consider this option unless i'm in agony. i just don't like waiting rooms.

i woke up groggy and thinking that the weekend was over but once i woke up a little more i realized it was saturday, so that was nice. that means i still have the rest of the day and tomorrow to do what i enjoy best: nothing.

a lot of people (esecially my mother) complain when they're bored and/or have nothing to do. i am not one of those people. i genuinely enjoy doing nothing, just being alone with my own thoughts and in my own little world. i remember watching barney the dinosaur on pbs as a kid and barney would always talk about the power of imagination. little did i realize he was actually enabling my future disassociation habits that would cause concern among mental health professionals. regardless, i'm thankful for his advice and send my condolences to him regarding the extinction of his species.
  final nap review score:   7.5 / 10
  nap review date: january 25, 2024
didn't get much sleep the night before so i managed to nap for a couple of hours this afternoon. it's unusually warm today in my area so i woke up all sweaty and gross. i also somehow managed to drool all over my pillow. in addition, i woke up with a very stiff neck and turning my head is a painful experience.

i'm having one of those moments after waking up where i feel like i wasted a chunk of the day when i could have been doing something fun, or at least productive. napping as a source of rejuvenation is healthy sure, but napping for the sake of passing the time seems very unhealthy. it's important to know the difference and nap wisely.

the more you know.
  final nap review score:   2.5 / 10
  nap review date: january 24, 2024
does it count as a nap when it was supposed to be a whole night's sleep? i thought going to bed at 10:30pm was a very reasonable choice but apparently i was wrong and woke up just before midnight. i had a weird dream (surprise, i know) that i was laying in the snow near my childhood home. i decided to go inside to grab some oatmeal and when i did there were a couple of cats outside my room tossing chocolate chip cookies around with wreckless abandon. these little adorable jerks were making an awful mess and i was pissed at the idea of cleaning up everything. i would have much preferred actually eating the cookies and i assume i'm not alone in that sentiment.

when i woke up i assumed it was early in the morning and that i could go right back to sleep. i checked my phone to see what the time was and found that it was midnight and i got pissed. i'm way more awake than i should be and being unable to fall back asleep is gonna take its toll on me when i'm working during the day.

at least i have website material though.
  final nap review score:   3.0 / 10
  nap review date: january 21, 2024
i only felt a little tired but i found myself napping from about 5:30 until 6:15. i had a dream where i couldn't find my tv remote. after looking around everywhere i found that a dog i used to have was under my bed chewing on it. he wasn't necessarily eating it....he was never one to eat inanimate objects as meals, but he was chewing on it and having the best ol' time doing it. he was always a good boy and i miss him.

i woke up with a craving for some pepsi and junk food. i figure i have to do something to celebrate the start of a weekend. i was contemplating heading out to the store but then i remembered that it was actually sunday, it's dark and really cold, and i quit soda about 5 months ago. i have cinnamon toast crunch if i get desperate for something sweet to eat.

It took some time to wake up but it was a good enough nap.
  final nap review score:   7.5 / 10
  nap review date: january 17, 2024
only got a few hours of sleep the night before so i was definitely looking forward to a nap today. slept from until 5:30pm until 7:15 pm and laid in bed for another afterwards. had a dream where my boss had the body of a dead dog in a large platsic bag. she said its name was rufus and she was unsure if she wanted me to dispose of the body for if she should have the body creamated and i assured her the latter option was better. i woke up a little bit afterwards feeling a lot less tired and slightly less depressed miserable than earlier in the day. my boss is old and might be showing early signs of dementia but she isn't that bad, maybe.

i woke up confused and remembered that i wasn't aware of this "rufus' existing and it was all in my dream. she does legit have a small dog who is old and lost his eye sight. not sure how she'll react when he eventually passes away.

in closing: messed up dream but felt good waking up
  final nap review score:   8.0 / 10
  nap review date: january 13, 2024
took a nap. lasted about 90 minutes. probably took 45 minutes to fall asleep. i have s.a.d. and the winter season is kicking my ass, but the snowy weather outside and cold temperature provided perfect napping conditions. i had a rotten dream where my therapist was 45 miutes late for my appointment and still ended it at the scheduled time. was really depressed that i only got to be seen for 15 minutes. spent about 30 minutes after waking up laying in bed and remembering all the ways the mental health system has failed me over the years. i was a bit groggy when getting out of bed but wasn't sleepy.

in closing: not the best nap but it was effective enough
  final nap review score:   6.0 / 10